Thursday, March 31, 2011

Already Running Out of Things to Say? Really, Evan?

Well hello there,
As it is a new day, I'm happy to share my next round of journal entries with you now. I believe the following five entries will give you a better understanding of life inside my 8 year-old mind. 18 years later, I still have no shame in the thoughts that I deemed important enough to share with....well, myself. Enjoy.

Today we went to Abbye’s house, and we were playing games. We were about to play Tag in the dark, but when I said, I don’t like that game! And they said why not? Because I play it to much! And they said please play, I want to play so badly! Then I desided to play.

Today Stacy came over, and we made up a great dance! And the songs were Heal the World and Black and White from Michael Jaxson. It was great!

This is a picture because I have nothing to say.

Today I am sick, so I didn’t go to school. And so I stayed home. At school in art, we were going to glaze are pots, but now I can’t glaze mine because I am sick! So I won’t glaze my pot. I can’t glaze them next week because we are going to do something else!

Today I am still sick and I stayed home from school. Boy I wish that I was at school! But I can’t go to school today! And now for shur I am not going to glaze my pot.  And today I was teacher’s helper, so now I can’t be teacher’s helper. So I can’t do anything from school! What a shame!

I liked school. A lot. And art. let's not ignore the artistic ability I so obviously possessed. You'll probably  wanna stay tuned for some more brilliant drawings.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Evan's Very First Entry: February 18th, 1993

Age 8.

As promised, below is the first entry I ever made. Clearly, I knew from the get-go exactly what people write about when they write exclusively for themselves. I'm damn proud of that. Be prepared to be amazed. Especially by the lovely spelling and grammatical errors, which of course have not been corrected.
(Also - As I mentioned before, I will generally post a few entries per blog, however seeing as this if my first one, I figured it deserves it's own post. Enjoy!)

A few minutes ago I just got back from Office Max and Juwel*. And at Office Max I got glue and this book, and at Juwel Lindsay* got contax, contax holder, and contax salution. And I didn’t get anything at Juwel. Oh so what at least I got glue and this book. And that is why I am happy! I wish I got 2 boddles of glue, well at least I got one boddle of glue.
*Juwel (actually spelled Jewel) is a grocery store chain from the Chicagoland area.
*Lindsay is my older sister. She'd be 11 here.

Impressed? I'd be shocked if you weren't.

The All-Important Introduction

Hello Blog World!

Now I'm not exactly new to blogging, considering I've attempted to start MANY in the past; it's just that I had never quite found my niche in the business. I believe now I've found a subject about which I know a relatively large amount: myself. More specifically, my childhood. Let me break it down.

Starting from age 8, I documented extremely non-important elements from my life into a book. Which then became a diary. Which then became a journal. I continued this trend, on and off, until college. I'm now 26. At this time in my life, I've been re-examining these "journals" and, for one reason or another, I felt a desire to share these entries with the world. Henceforth, I have created this blog, appropriately titled "Hey, Youth". Now let me carefully explain how I'll make this work:

It's my intention to post (almost) every journal entry I ever made, starting from February 1993 (age 8), up through 2005 (age 21). I will do this consecutively, so readers can follow my growth and development, or lack thereof. I'll most likely post a few entries per blog, starting, of course, with my first ever entry. This will likely include comments from my present self, as well as visual aids (oh yes, there are pictures).

Let me first briefly tell you a little bit about myself, just in case you have no idea who I am: my name is Evan, and I live in Brooklyn, NY. I'm 26 years old, and I freakin' love life. I grew up outside of Chicago, where I enjoyed life with my family, theatre, singing, tennis, skiing, and of course, writing. After high school, I pursued an education at Syracuse University, where I studied Communications & Spanish. I moved out to LA after graduating to pursue a career in film, which I did successfully, however I despised living there. I decided to try my luck in NYC, which is where I am now, happily working in Independent Film, spending time with amazing friends, and traveling a whole heck of a lot (I discovered it's actually my favorite thing to do. Ever). I'm very grateful for the life I lead, and I am passionate about the industry in which I work, and being surrounded by amazing family and friends. Oh right, I'm also crazy, paranoid, obsessed with time, am extremely sarcastic, have a ridiculously sensitive stomach, and I spazz about things too much. But who's keeping track, right? 

I have no idea if anyone will ever see or read this. If you do, then I'm guessing you probably know me in real life. Or maybe you don't. If it's the latter, you must probably wonder why this would interest you. I can't say that it will, but let me declare this: kids do, in fact, say the darndest things, am I right? I think I pretty much exemplify that notion. 

I'm really excited to get this thing started. And I should mention, I really don't care to attract a million followers, or even one. I have no problem sharing this with whomever is interested, but I ultimately think I'm doing this for my own little self. It's almost therapeutic in a way, wouldn't you say? Reliving your childhood, I believe, makes for a stronger sense of self. And that's just what I've set out to do. So without further ado, please stay tuned for Evan's very first journal entry, dated February 18th, 1993.

The cover of my beautiful first "Diary"