Wednesday, April 20, 2011

'Seeing' Through the Lies

Hello friends, lovers, enemies, et al,

While I have not been consistently posting on here, I definitely must declare that I have no intention of stopping any time soon. I wanted to express that now, because I don't always follow through on tasks that I begin. But that aside, I'm still keen to share some more ridiculous things I wrote down as a youngin'. 

In today's entries, there comes a point in which I discuss the fact that I've just gotten my first pair of glasses. And let me mention that I wore glasses consistently from the age of 9 to about 25. I never wore contacts during that time, mainly because...well...I couldn't get them in my eyes. Whoops. The reason I'm sharing this with you here and now is due to the fact that, well, I may have fibbed a little bit during my eye exam. Now why would I do this? And for that matter, why would any child lie about his ability to see? Please read the following entries, and upon conclusion, I'll detail exactly what was going through my 9 year old head at that time.

One more thing -- as I re-read the entry I made on 2/27, I recall thinking at that time, 'what is it that people truly write about in their diaries? Am I supposed to talk about more personal things - things I wouldn't share with anyone else but myself?' That being the case, I started to get my little self into the notion that no one else is reading this (not then, at least), so basically I'm at liberty to write down whatever the hell I damn well feel like. (I honestly think that's why I switched to writing cursive there -- I think I was so nervous just to write down what I deemed to be innappropriate text). Good thing it only took me a year to figure that out, huh? Nervous has always been my middle name. Enjoy! 

Today is new monthe’s day! Well that’s what I call it!

Today is Wedsnday, I am going to draw! Because I feel like it. Not!

I have nothing to say! the end!

2 days ago I got glasses. I hope you like them, because I love them! They are some of my favorite colors like gold, nice brown, and turtle shell. I like those colors alot! Other people were being very nice and they were saying to me that I look not really bad, but good in my glasses, or some of them said that they look very, very nice, so other people said that they liked them! But some one said that, I mean 1 person said that I looked bad (wich I hope that he didn’t mean) But after that, he said so. the end!

Dear Diary,
Today is Wednesday, I really don’t feel like writing, so I won’t write anything! See ya! Baby! Bad!

Dear Diary,
I want a new bike! I really do think that my mom did cry when she left to porto rico, to go on a cruise. I really do hate ravinia-school. but if I half to go, then I will!

So let me start by saying how freaking obvious it was that I wanted glasses. That's all there was to it -- I figured wearing glasses would make me look cool, older, hip. All the other kids would be jealous that I got to wear two gigantic circle-shaped glasses on my face all day, everyday. Lucky, lucky Evan. And it was only as of September 2009 that I had lasik to correct my horrible vision that clearly was worsened by the fact that as a 9 year old I lied to my eye doctor about my ability to see. I don't doubt that I ever would have gotten a pair eventually, but most likely not there and then. Oh well. You live you learn. And I still say that any person wearing glasses automatically is cooler, smarter, and more hip. No question about it.

Stay tuned -- in an upcoming post, I'll have a special little video of myself at my sister's bat-mitzah, where I sport the largest glasses a small child has ever worn. Be prepared for that one, coming up soon...


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

January in a Nutshell

Why hello there!

Sooo does everyone remember how, as a child, our parents would sometimes force us to play with certain kids? Maybe it's because our class was filled with certain, shall we say, "special" kids. Now I don't mean special special, so to speak, but just the kids that would strike us as weird. Odd. Different. Bizarre. And at the tender age of 9, being different was NOT acceptable. I recall coming across these types of kids throughout my childhood, and thinking back on it now, I have no doubts that these are the ones that are currently successful mega millionaires, or sitting somewhere in solitary confinement. Either way, they'll have made a name for themselves. Contained in the following entries, I examine one experience with having a play date with such a type, only to make quite a shocking discovery about it. Enjoy.
Oh, and as a side note, I hope you're prepared for the insanely long and descriptive entry made on the 8th.

today is

Today is Friday, I was sick yesterday, and I am sick today. I was sappost to go to the Bulls game, but now I probably can’t go. But if my tempature goes down, and I feel good, my parents said I will prbebly get to go! Boy, do I hope that I can! P.S. I was sappost to go to the dentest to. But now I am not going to go!

Today is Saturday, I have to go to Steve’s house. I don’t want to go, but I will anyways. It is true that we are probably not hardly going to do anything. Probebly what we will only do is play with his cats, and he will argue with his sister! Not! That is probebly all that we are going to do. the end!

Two days ago I went to Steve’s house. I had a really great time. The first thing we did was go to mcdonald’s to get some fries. Then we went sleding, and then we went to see a movie that was called, Adam’s family values! (With I have allready seen before,) but this time, I saw it bedder. Then I went home. I really had a good time! the end!

So there you have it. Not such a bad day after all, huh? Especially the part where I saw the movie bedder this time around. I guess watching a movie for the first time means you might be sitting backwards...or something...

K bye!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Planes, Letters, and a Bizarre Little Boy

Dear Diar-- I mean Readers,

I'm just going to dive right into this one. I'm quite excited about it. The following two entries are perhaps my favorite two from this entire book. And that's saying a lot, considering entries likes my first one, in which I discuss my excitement over one (but not 2) boddles of glue. I have good reason to state that these two top the list:

First off, this marks the time in which I begin a common theme/tradition that I continued throughout my entire Journal-writing career, which includes writing while sitting on a plane. I ALWAYS made it a point to bring my journal onboard and discuss the details of the flight. Of all the entries I write about being on a plane, however, the below is definitely the most clear and to-the-point. Following this post is one I believe I made on our flight back from a family vacation, in which I decide to write my best friend, Abbye, a nice little letter. At first, I couldn't think about why in the lord's name I would do this, but after some recollection, I believe I figured out why. This letter was written about 2 weeks after my family moved to a new town, and I think 9 year old Evan was terrified of losing his then best friend. And needless to say, I never actually sent her this letter, considering it is still intact in my lovely book. I don't think I ever even mentioned it to her. Boy, now that I'm making it public 18 years later, I wonder if I should be concerned about using real names? Eh, whatever, what have I got to hide at this point. Just enjoy the read. 

Today is Thursday, were off on our vacation! Right now we are on the airplane about to take off! We are not moving right now but we will in a few cecons, or minutes! Actually in 10 minutes. Mabie we will take of in 10 minutes! Actually we are moving write now! And we are about to take off! Well actually we all ready took off, and we are going to land in a half of an hour! the end!

Dear Abbye,
I really miss you. I hope that when I come back from my vacation, it won’t be long before you come back, I hope its not to many days. Abbye, I herd that when you go to Mexico, you are going to stay in the same hotel as Stacy. You keep telling me that you hate Stacy, but I am really sure that you really like her as a great friend! And I’m pretty sure that you don’t want Stacy to move, I’m pretty sure! Besides, how are you doing there, I’m pretty sure that you miss me, (like I bet you do.) but I’m still pretty sure that you are having a great time! You are the bestes friend I could ever have in the whole world! Abbye, this is 1 question I’ve been wanting to ask you, since I moved already. Arn’t we going to be pen-pals? Because before I moved, we have been planning to be pen-pals for ever! So are we? To answer me just write back to me and answer my question! So Abbye, how is Mexico? I hope that you are having a good time with Stacy. To tell you the truth, I did not like my vacation at all the only things that I liked were fishing, uncle Bob’s ice cream, and playing tennis! I don’t think that you will belive me but my sister, and my dad were going fishing with me, and they both coght a sting-ray! And I didn’t! Abbye, please write back to me, and tell me if you belived me or not! Who knows if you belive me or not! But I do hope that you belive, because I would really never lie to you ever! If I hadn’t of met you I wouldn’t have a best friend! But since I met you, I really have a very, very, very great friend! I don’t want to say this but I will. When we met Stacy, she really took us away from each other, and that is why I think you always say that you hate stacy! Plus, on December 19th was our aniversary for playing for the 1st time! I’m sorry that we never got to play with eachother that day, because we were both on vacation. But we can still celebrate our aniversary when we both get back from our vacation! We will celebrate it from December 19th. I miss you very much, and one more question, I would like to know if you are going to be back, by new years eve. So we can have plans that night. If you are, we will probebley stay up all night and party, and we will have a great time! We will only do that if you are back by new years eve! If you arn’t I will not know what to do that night! I would be so bord that night without you! Well Abbye, I gotta go now, so I will see you in a few days! I miss you! Bye! P.S. When you get back remember to call me! bye!
I discovered this lovely page at the end of the psychotically long letter. I must've gone crazy then, too. 

I mean, I was crazy, right?? Like actually crazy? I don't know. But I will say one thing -- I did have the greatest friends a kid could ask for, including Stacy! (For the record, we never hated her! The three of us couldn't have been any closer, and I think it was just childhood drama we were searching for. We were WAY ahead of the game in that department).

Looking forward to sharing some more soon!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

There Seems to be a Gap in the Road

Today were doing nothing so far, so I will write down what we are doing later!
Instead of that I will just tell you somthing. I AM IN 3RD GRADE AND I MOVED!

Well Hello Readers,

so you can gather from the above entry, there appears to be a bit of a gap between one date and the other. Apparently, after June 14th, I must've forgotten I had a diary. Oops. And it's funny looking back on it now, because during this gap, some fairly significant things took place in my life, including the fact that I moved to a new town, though only 15 minutes away. I remember this experience so well because of how much I hated leaving my old neighborhood and life behind. Switching schools and making new friends was not what 9 year old Evan asked for, but it's what he got. Fortunately, years later, I was able to look back and finally see that transition as the best thing that could've happened to me, but during that time, man did I hate it. And in the following entry, you'll learn of another important thing that happened in my life. Following that, I'd be best to explain the actual circumstances surrounding it. So go read, and I'll see ya after!

Today is Wednesday, on November 19th I had surgery on my ears. I got it done because people were making of me, and calling me Dumbo. Since I have been talking about cursive a lot, I am going to write in cursive. And here I go! Well I guess that I am writing in cursive right now! And I do love it!
the end!

Today is Sunday, I was going to have Stacy sleep over last night but she got sick, with a high fever!
the end!

So let me clarify the post made on 12/1. First off, when I said "people" were making fun of me, I must confess that that should actually read "person". And only on one occasion did that happen. But that's just how Evan rolled. And in my own defense, it is true my ears stuck out and were proportionally too big for my head! So yeah, back off. They were big. But not anymore :-D. Also, I hope you appreciate my continuing desire to write in cursive. Sadly, it's not going to go away anytime soon. Oh yes, and I'm officially 9 now! Hoorah!

Have a good day!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh Sad Day (NOT)

Dear Readers,
I am uber happy right now. The reason for this is simple: Blogger has finally decided to allow me to copy and paste cursive text into here! So now, when I write in cursive, I can type in cursive!! And suddenly excited little 8 year old Evan is coming out in me....shocking. But of course, as we all know, the most important parts of our personalities never really die out; sometimes they just get overshadowed by "Adulthood". Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy reading more about the thrilling world of learning cursive letters, Hebrew School ending, and how I apparently felt about my cousins. 

Also, I guess I really enjoyed lying to myself, following that up with the ever-so-important "NOT". Explanations? None from me. Enjoy.

Today I am going to Jamie’s bat-Mitzvah, I bet that I will have a great time! I will eat lunch there, and when we come home, I will have nothing to eat!
P.S. When I get home I will watch T.V.

Last night I slept at Stacy’s house, we had a bad time!
We had a great time watching Buffy, the Vampire Slayer! Great time!!!!

I leard more cursive and here is all the cursive I learnd in school. I am adding the new cursive to.
A c d g q n m v y z x b h k e l f I u
We have learnd 19 cursive letters. I am going to draw the letters that we haven’t learnd now.
And these are all the letters we haven’t learnd.
The end!!!

Today I have baseball, it will be fun! We learned more letters in cursive and here they are.
A c d g q n m v y z x h k b l f
 i u t w
The 2 real new letters I learned was t and w. t and w.

Today is the last day of Hebrew, I might miss it if I want to, no more Hebrew till next year, and the home of the Brave! Play Ball!
the end
P.S. I am going to write more cursive.
a b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
= 26 cursive letters!!!

Today is Sunday my cousins came over, and I will write more cursive letters.
a b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

I just can’t help my self, because i love to write in cursive! it is just so fun! i love it!

So yeah. This post sucked. 


Monday, April 4, 2011

A Case of the Cursive

Good Afternoon, World.

Do you recall in 2nd or 3rd grade learning how to write in cursive? Do you remember it consuming your life? Well you should. After all, learning to write on a curve should effectively alter the way in which you view the world. I know that's what it did for me. The following journal entries will introduce you to a fantastic theme I present in many entries to follow. My hope is that by reading this, you're inspired to once again visit the world of cursive writing, and all the amazing things in life that it'll bring you. And don't forget, writing in cursive backwards always follows writing forwards. Enjoy.

I do not remember what we did today! P.S. Today I had school!
Please don't ask me to explain this. I couldn't if I tried. I was a Hebrew School student at the time, 
so...maybe that helps you to understand a bit more? 

Today I turned 8 in a ½. I am so happy!

It is already May and the weather has got so warm that some peable were wearing tang tops and yesturday I played the tigers for base ball, and we won!
Cursive! a c d g q n m
What was the score?

Agzackly 1 month ago I turned 8 ½! And so I woke up at 7:30 today! And I hope we win, I bet we will win by a lot like we did on the tigers! Last year we lost to the Giants because they were good, and we weren’t that good of a team. And we are a good team this year. So I hope that we will win!
Cursive! fronwards! acdgqmno backwards! onmqgdca!

I just hope you're good and ready for more cursive to follow...

Friday, April 1, 2011

School Daze

Happy April Fools Day!

In honor of such a classic holiday, I'd like to present my next round of entries, which will surely help answer the age old question: Did child Evan truthfully, honestly, sincerely, whole-heartedly, enjoy going to school? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the diary...

I do not remember what we did today. Because the date right now is 3-2-93 so I don’t remember!
So apparently this is what one draws upon not recalling the day's events. 
Why this dude is speaking in 2 different languages, I just don't know. 

I still wish that I was at school right now because I want to be working. And I can’t wait till Friday because I get to stay up late. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!

Today I am measinger and I am back at school! Neaner neaner Boo Boo!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo happy!!!

No School today! Sorry, no school!

There is no school today eather! Sorry, no school again!

And there is no School today eather! Sorry, there’s no school again!

Finally, we are back at school. That means that there is school today? Right!!!!!!! Oh good!

If you're wondering why this text is so large, then you can safely assume that it's due to how large I had decided to write these entries. I think it demonstrates true passion. True, true passion.

Until next time...good night!