Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Evan's Very First Entry: February 18th, 1993

Age 8.

As promised, below is the first entry I ever made. Clearly, I knew from the get-go exactly what people write about when they write exclusively for themselves. I'm damn proud of that. Be prepared to be amazed. Especially by the lovely spelling and grammatical errors, which of course have not been corrected.
(Also - As I mentioned before, I will generally post a few entries per blog, however seeing as this if my first one, I figured it deserves it's own post. Enjoy!)

A few minutes ago I just got back from Office Max and Juwel*. And at Office Max I got glue and this book, and at Juwel Lindsay* got contax, contax holder, and contax salution. And I didn’t get anything at Juwel. Oh so what at least I got glue and this book. And that is why I am happy! I wish I got 2 boddles of glue, well at least I got one boddle of glue.
*Juwel (actually spelled Jewel) is a grocery store chain from the Chicagoland area.
*Lindsay is my older sister. She'd be 11 here.

Impressed? I'd be shocked if you weren't.

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