Thursday, March 31, 2011

Already Running Out of Things to Say? Really, Evan?

Well hello there,
As it is a new day, I'm happy to share my next round of journal entries with you now. I believe the following five entries will give you a better understanding of life inside my 8 year-old mind. 18 years later, I still have no shame in the thoughts that I deemed important enough to share with....well, myself. Enjoy.

Today we went to Abbye’s house, and we were playing games. We were about to play Tag in the dark, but when I said, I don’t like that game! And they said why not? Because I play it to much! And they said please play, I want to play so badly! Then I desided to play.

Today Stacy came over, and we made up a great dance! And the songs were Heal the World and Black and White from Michael Jaxson. It was great!

This is a picture because I have nothing to say.

Today I am sick, so I didn’t go to school. And so I stayed home. At school in art, we were going to glaze are pots, but now I can’t glaze mine because I am sick! So I won’t glaze my pot. I can’t glaze them next week because we are going to do something else!

Today I am still sick and I stayed home from school. Boy I wish that I was at school! But I can’t go to school today! And now for shur I am not going to glaze my pot.  And today I was teacher’s helper, so now I can’t be teacher’s helper. So I can’t do anything from school! What a shame!

I liked school. A lot. And art. let's not ignore the artistic ability I so obviously possessed. You'll probably  wanna stay tuned for some more brilliant drawings.

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