Wednesday, April 20, 2011

'Seeing' Through the Lies

Hello friends, lovers, enemies, et al,

While I have not been consistently posting on here, I definitely must declare that I have no intention of stopping any time soon. I wanted to express that now, because I don't always follow through on tasks that I begin. But that aside, I'm still keen to share some more ridiculous things I wrote down as a youngin'. 

In today's entries, there comes a point in which I discuss the fact that I've just gotten my first pair of glasses. And let me mention that I wore glasses consistently from the age of 9 to about 25. I never wore contacts during that time, mainly because...well...I couldn't get them in my eyes. Whoops. The reason I'm sharing this with you here and now is due to the fact that, well, I may have fibbed a little bit during my eye exam. Now why would I do this? And for that matter, why would any child lie about his ability to see? Please read the following entries, and upon conclusion, I'll detail exactly what was going through my 9 year old head at that time.

One more thing -- as I re-read the entry I made on 2/27, I recall thinking at that time, 'what is it that people truly write about in their diaries? Am I supposed to talk about more personal things - things I wouldn't share with anyone else but myself?' That being the case, I started to get my little self into the notion that no one else is reading this (not then, at least), so basically I'm at liberty to write down whatever the hell I damn well feel like. (I honestly think that's why I switched to writing cursive there -- I think I was so nervous just to write down what I deemed to be innappropriate text). Good thing it only took me a year to figure that out, huh? Nervous has always been my middle name. Enjoy! 

Today is new monthe’s day! Well that’s what I call it!

Today is Wedsnday, I am going to draw! Because I feel like it. Not!

I have nothing to say! the end!

2 days ago I got glasses. I hope you like them, because I love them! They are some of my favorite colors like gold, nice brown, and turtle shell. I like those colors alot! Other people were being very nice and they were saying to me that I look not really bad, but good in my glasses, or some of them said that they look very, very nice, so other people said that they liked them! But some one said that, I mean 1 person said that I looked bad (wich I hope that he didn’t mean) But after that, he said so. the end!

Dear Diary,
Today is Wednesday, I really don’t feel like writing, so I won’t write anything! See ya! Baby! Bad!

Dear Diary,
I want a new bike! I really do think that my mom did cry when she left to porto rico, to go on a cruise. I really do hate ravinia-school. but if I half to go, then I will!

So let me start by saying how freaking obvious it was that I wanted glasses. That's all there was to it -- I figured wearing glasses would make me look cool, older, hip. All the other kids would be jealous that I got to wear two gigantic circle-shaped glasses on my face all day, everyday. Lucky, lucky Evan. And it was only as of September 2009 that I had lasik to correct my horrible vision that clearly was worsened by the fact that as a 9 year old I lied to my eye doctor about my ability to see. I don't doubt that I ever would have gotten a pair eventually, but most likely not there and then. Oh well. You live you learn. And I still say that any person wearing glasses automatically is cooler, smarter, and more hip. No question about it.

Stay tuned -- in an upcoming post, I'll have a special little video of myself at my sister's bat-mitzah, where I sport the largest glasses a small child has ever worn. Be prepared for that one, coming up soon...


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  1. aww little Evan was very hip and cool! I think your first glasses sound v pretty! I wonder if ur large glasses are like the glasses my grandma used to wear...she looked a lil like an owl! xx