Wednesday, April 6, 2011

There Seems to be a Gap in the Road

Today were doing nothing so far, so I will write down what we are doing later!
Instead of that I will just tell you somthing. I AM IN 3RD GRADE AND I MOVED!

Well Hello Readers,

so you can gather from the above entry, there appears to be a bit of a gap between one date and the other. Apparently, after June 14th, I must've forgotten I had a diary. Oops. And it's funny looking back on it now, because during this gap, some fairly significant things took place in my life, including the fact that I moved to a new town, though only 15 minutes away. I remember this experience so well because of how much I hated leaving my old neighborhood and life behind. Switching schools and making new friends was not what 9 year old Evan asked for, but it's what he got. Fortunately, years later, I was able to look back and finally see that transition as the best thing that could've happened to me, but during that time, man did I hate it. And in the following entry, you'll learn of another important thing that happened in my life. Following that, I'd be best to explain the actual circumstances surrounding it. So go read, and I'll see ya after!

Today is Wednesday, on November 19th I had surgery on my ears. I got it done because people were making of me, and calling me Dumbo. Since I have been talking about cursive a lot, I am going to write in cursive. And here I go! Well I guess that I am writing in cursive right now! And I do love it!
the end!

Today is Sunday, I was going to have Stacy sleep over last night but she got sick, with a high fever!
the end!

So let me clarify the post made on 12/1. First off, when I said "people" were making fun of me, I must confess that that should actually read "person". And only on one occasion did that happen. But that's just how Evan rolled. And in my own defense, it is true my ears stuck out and were proportionally too big for my head! So yeah, back off. They were big. But not anymore :-D. Also, I hope you appreciate my continuing desire to write in cursive. Sadly, it's not going to go away anytime soon. Oh yes, and I'm officially 9 now! Hoorah!

Have a good day!

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