Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Planes, Letters, and a Bizarre Little Boy

Dear Diar-- I mean Readers,

I'm just going to dive right into this one. I'm quite excited about it. The following two entries are perhaps my favorite two from this entire book. And that's saying a lot, considering entries likes my first one, in which I discuss my excitement over one (but not 2) boddles of glue. I have good reason to state that these two top the list:

First off, this marks the time in which I begin a common theme/tradition that I continued throughout my entire Journal-writing career, which includes writing while sitting on a plane. I ALWAYS made it a point to bring my journal onboard and discuss the details of the flight. Of all the entries I write about being on a plane, however, the below is definitely the most clear and to-the-point. Following this post is one I believe I made on our flight back from a family vacation, in which I decide to write my best friend, Abbye, a nice little letter. At first, I couldn't think about why in the lord's name I would do this, but after some recollection, I believe I figured out why. This letter was written about 2 weeks after my family moved to a new town, and I think 9 year old Evan was terrified of losing his then best friend. And needless to say, I never actually sent her this letter, considering it is still intact in my lovely book. I don't think I ever even mentioned it to her. Boy, now that I'm making it public 18 years later, I wonder if I should be concerned about using real names? Eh, whatever, what have I got to hide at this point. Just enjoy the read. 

Today is Thursday, were off on our vacation! Right now we are on the airplane about to take off! We are not moving right now but we will in a few cecons, or minutes! Actually in 10 minutes. Mabie we will take of in 10 minutes! Actually we are moving write now! And we are about to take off! Well actually we all ready took off, and we are going to land in a half of an hour! the end!

Dear Abbye,
I really miss you. I hope that when I come back from my vacation, it won’t be long before you come back, I hope its not to many days. Abbye, I herd that when you go to Mexico, you are going to stay in the same hotel as Stacy. You keep telling me that you hate Stacy, but I am really sure that you really like her as a great friend! And I’m pretty sure that you don’t want Stacy to move, I’m pretty sure! Besides, how are you doing there, I’m pretty sure that you miss me, (like I bet you do.) but I’m still pretty sure that you are having a great time! You are the bestes friend I could ever have in the whole world! Abbye, this is 1 question I’ve been wanting to ask you, since I moved already. Arn’t we going to be pen-pals? Because before I moved, we have been planning to be pen-pals for ever! So are we? To answer me just write back to me and answer my question! So Abbye, how is Mexico? I hope that you are having a good time with Stacy. To tell you the truth, I did not like my vacation at all the only things that I liked were fishing, uncle Bob’s ice cream, and playing tennis! I don’t think that you will belive me but my sister, and my dad were going fishing with me, and they both coght a sting-ray! And I didn’t! Abbye, please write back to me, and tell me if you belived me or not! Who knows if you belive me or not! But I do hope that you belive, because I would really never lie to you ever! If I hadn’t of met you I wouldn’t have a best friend! But since I met you, I really have a very, very, very great friend! I don’t want to say this but I will. When we met Stacy, she really took us away from each other, and that is why I think you always say that you hate stacy! Plus, on December 19th was our aniversary for playing for the 1st time! I’m sorry that we never got to play with eachother that day, because we were both on vacation. But we can still celebrate our aniversary when we both get back from our vacation! We will celebrate it from December 19th. I miss you very much, and one more question, I would like to know if you are going to be back, by new years eve. So we can have plans that night. If you are, we will probebley stay up all night and party, and we will have a great time! We will only do that if you are back by new years eve! If you arn’t I will not know what to do that night! I would be so bord that night without you! Well Abbye, I gotta go now, so I will see you in a few days! I miss you! Bye! P.S. When you get back remember to call me! bye!
I discovered this lovely page at the end of the psychotically long letter. I must've gone crazy then, too. 

I mean, I was crazy, right?? Like actually crazy? I don't know. But I will say one thing -- I did have the greatest friends a kid could ask for, including Stacy! (For the record, we never hated her! The three of us couldn't have been any closer, and I think it was just childhood drama we were searching for. We were WAY ahead of the game in that department).

Looking forward to sharing some more soon!


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  1. I think I could see you reading or writing this letter now. 9 year old Evan was much more to the point though