Monday, April 4, 2011

A Case of the Cursive

Good Afternoon, World.

Do you recall in 2nd or 3rd grade learning how to write in cursive? Do you remember it consuming your life? Well you should. After all, learning to write on a curve should effectively alter the way in which you view the world. I know that's what it did for me. The following journal entries will introduce you to a fantastic theme I present in many entries to follow. My hope is that by reading this, you're inspired to once again visit the world of cursive writing, and all the amazing things in life that it'll bring you. And don't forget, writing in cursive backwards always follows writing forwards. Enjoy.

I do not remember what we did today! P.S. Today I had school!
Please don't ask me to explain this. I couldn't if I tried. I was a Hebrew School student at the time, 
so...maybe that helps you to understand a bit more? 

Today I turned 8 in a ½. I am so happy!

It is already May and the weather has got so warm that some peable were wearing tang tops and yesturday I played the tigers for base ball, and we won!
Cursive! a c d g q n m
What was the score?

Agzackly 1 month ago I turned 8 ½! And so I woke up at 7:30 today! And I hope we win, I bet we will win by a lot like we did on the tigers! Last year we lost to the Giants because they were good, and we weren’t that good of a team. And we are a good team this year. So I hope that we will win!
Cursive! fronwards! acdgqmno backwards! onmqgdca!

I just hope you're good and ready for more cursive to follow...

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