Wednesday, April 13, 2011

January in a Nutshell

Why hello there!

Sooo does everyone remember how, as a child, our parents would sometimes force us to play with certain kids? Maybe it's because our class was filled with certain, shall we say, "special" kids. Now I don't mean special special, so to speak, but just the kids that would strike us as weird. Odd. Different. Bizarre. And at the tender age of 9, being different was NOT acceptable. I recall coming across these types of kids throughout my childhood, and thinking back on it now, I have no doubts that these are the ones that are currently successful mega millionaires, or sitting somewhere in solitary confinement. Either way, they'll have made a name for themselves. Contained in the following entries, I examine one experience with having a play date with such a type, only to make quite a shocking discovery about it. Enjoy.
Oh, and as a side note, I hope you're prepared for the insanely long and descriptive entry made on the 8th.

today is

Today is Friday, I was sick yesterday, and I am sick today. I was sappost to go to the Bulls game, but now I probably can’t go. But if my tempature goes down, and I feel good, my parents said I will prbebly get to go! Boy, do I hope that I can! P.S. I was sappost to go to the dentest to. But now I am not going to go!

Today is Saturday, I have to go to Steve’s house. I don’t want to go, but I will anyways. It is true that we are probably not hardly going to do anything. Probebly what we will only do is play with his cats, and he will argue with his sister! Not! That is probebly all that we are going to do. the end!

Two days ago I went to Steve’s house. I had a really great time. The first thing we did was go to mcdonald’s to get some fries. Then we went sleding, and then we went to see a movie that was called, Adam’s family values! (With I have allready seen before,) but this time, I saw it bedder. Then I went home. I really had a good time! the end!

So there you have it. Not such a bad day after all, huh? Especially the part where I saw the movie bedder this time around. I guess watching a movie for the first time means you might be sitting backwards...or something...

K bye!

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  1. It's like a little light in my day, this blog Evan! I <3 it! You were such a sweet young man... (and a loverly older (not old) man!)
    I wish i had my old diaries...but alas i burnt them before i went traveling as they were deemed too secret for any other eyes!! lolz!
    Hugs, ClaireyC xxxx